2nd INDOEDUC4ALL Training

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 09:45
The 2nd Training of the INDOEDUC4ALL project took place on 12th – 13th December 2017 in Jogyakarta (Indonesia) and was hosted by Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga Jogyakarta (UIN-SUKA).

Almost 50 staff members of the Support Centers for Students with Disabilities of the 6 universities partners of INDOEDUC4ALL project took part in the event. The training was led by Ms Catriona Mowat, Head of the Disability Services of Glasgow Caledonian University. The program also included contributions from Mr Suharto of SIGAB (Disability NGO from Indonesia), Ms Pepi Parreño and Ms Esther Gallego from the Student Support Center of the University of Alicante and Ms Rofah Makin from UIN Sunan Kalijaga.

During the sessions, the INDOEDUC4ALL project members enjoyed the opportunity of learning about methodologies, assistive technologies and approaches to fully include students with disabilities on higher education. Particularly, the training focused on visual impairment, mental health, hearing impairment and autism disabilities to equip staff members with the necessary skills to provide the best services to their students on their own campus. It was also an occasion to share expertise, good practices, personal experiences and know-how within the project members, learning from each other practices and their adaptations to very different contexts. As such, the participative dynamic of the teaching methodology fostered fruitful discussions, reflections and debates among the participants, who took in very useful insights to build up their professional skillset.

This event was held within the framework of Work Package 2. Modernization and Strengthening of Human Capital of the INDOEDUC4ALL project, particularly corresponding to the activity 2.1. Innovative Training Plan to Partner Institution from EU partner (Capacity building).