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During the 1st International Conference - Launching of the INDOEDUC4ALL project in Indonesia, partners generated this video to celebrate this milestone of the project.

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During the Final Conference of the INDOEDUC4ALL project (3rd December 2019), INDOEDUC4ALL Consortium presented a promotional video summarising the main impacts of the INDOEDUC4ALL project.

This document is a deliverable within the framework of WP2, attempting to compile in Bahasa the main contents of INDOEDUC4ALL Innovative Training Plan to create adaptable materials for delivering seminars to academic and adminstrative staf in the context of Higher Education, providing them with the best tools, skills and capabilities to fully included students with disabilities.

This document is a deliverable of WP1 and aims to present the good practices identified from the site visits in the European partner countries and the so far experience of the Indonesian Universities. It is the second report within the WP1 “Needs Analysis & Transfer of Know how”, which finalizes it, as the results from the needs analysis and the experience gained from the site visits, was the base for identifying the good practices included in this report.

The Needs Analysis report is considered as the principal deliverable towards the development of accessibility centres in the Universities of Indonesia. It will be used as the starting point for the training plan definition, so that the capacities of Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs) will be built in an effective and relevant way.