UNESA shares experience from INDOEDUC4ALL project

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Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 11:45

On October 29th 2019,  UNESA representatives delivered a presentation on their involvement and impact of the INDOEDUC4ALL project within their institution to an audience of more than 50 researchers, academic institutional representatives and other stakeholders, who were participating at the Euraxess info session during the European Research Day in Surabaya. With this event, Euraxess, an unique pan-european initiative delivering information and support services to researches all around the world, intends to promote the different mechanisms of the European Union to fund research and institutional collaboration among Indonesian researchers, including the Erasmus+ Programme

UNESA detailed how INDOEDUC4ALL project has provided a pionnering exposure to Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education, familiarising with all the different elements of the Erasmus+ Programme. At Unesa itself, the project has successfully achieved the goal set, which is providing support to stablish a Center of Studies and Services for students with dissability. The project also strived to deliver tangible outcomes, such as; establishment of the center by providing the office equipments and most importantly equipping the center with assistive technologies to facilitate accesibility to students with disabilities. The project has also consolidated the center of dissabilities Unesa by framing their strategic planning for the purpose of sustainability of the center, as well as, setting up a network among Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia. During the presentation, there was much interest from the audience requesting to be part of the project and collaborating towards enhancing on their inclusive environment. Having established KOPERTINA (Consortium for Indonesian inclusive Higher Education), this needs and attention could be addressed by introducing the INDOEDUC4ALL consortium to other universities in Indonesia: "Sharing means growing together"

INDOEDUC4ALL is Capacity Building project, co- funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union at aims at Ensuring Access and Quality Education for Students with Disabilities in Indonesian Universities. The main objectives are to improve access, ensure learning conditions and develop employment opportunities for Higher Education Students with disabilities in Indonesia via modern inclusion practices and networking. Furthermore, the project is also aiming at modern inclusive framework through the creation/refreshment of Disabled Students Support Centres and long-term strategies for the access and retention of Disabled Students in HE system.